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What’s the problem? People who want to workout, struggle to stay fit.  People are stressed. People are out of balance. People are alone and alienated in a crowded world. Stay-at-home moms, telecommuters, corporate employees, business travelers, seniors, vacationers… Just about everyone. (Leading to all kinds of physical, mental and emotional health challenges.) Many people have gym memberships. Many people have expensive at-home fitness gadgets and memberships. But how often do they use them?


But when we place a great workout in front of you;  conveniently on your way to work, in a local park, at home or in a business center or vacation setting, with a great trainer motivating you, the impossible becomes possible!


STREETFIT is a one-hour, full-body workout with a real personal trainer that integrates  into your life so that you get results you want and beat the stress.


What sets us apart is that we know your workout anywhere in the world.

Our trainers known when your last workout was, your goals, your workout intensity level and will be able to instruct you based on your last workout, to move you forward a small step.  Whether you are with Trainer Tom in Michigan, or across town with Trainer Sue, or halfway around the world with Trainer Zoe in Madrid, you’ll still get your same workout. So it’s a great solution for those who need flexibility, who travel for business or want to workout on vacation. Now the impossible becomes possible! 


STREETFIT “Fits” your lifestyle.  Workouts are easy, accessible, enjoyable, beginner friendly, personalized and right where you need them. Now you’re able to workout with consistency, accountability and results!



Trainers are challenged with a unique set of circumstances in the fitness industry, especially at this time, as many Gyms and Yoga Studios have limited hours or have shut down. To serve their clients well, make ends meet and keep a healthy work-life balance, STREETFIT offers amazing opportunities to displaced trainers to meet and train clients in their area.


Unlike many “franchise fitness opportunities”, as a STREETFIT trainer, you do not need to buy into an expensive business model, pay rent on a property, pay to advertise to find new clients, do the scheduling, recording client fitness profiles, receive payments, marketing products and services and (oh yes, finally) “train clients”. 


All you need to do is apply to be a STREETFIT trainer and the platform will do the rest. If approved, you will be trained on how to use the platform to attract clients in your area, and then you will no longer be solely dependant on income from Gyms or Yoga / Pilates studios. You will be invited to join STREETFIT and make it your business. Now, your financial future is in your hands. 


STREETFIT removes the barriers to fitness for everyone so that both Fitness Trainers and Fitness Enthusiasts can achieve a healthy work-life balance.