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STREETFIT is an exciting, new way to look at fitness. Our mission is simple:
We make fitness accessible and easy for everyone.
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STREETFIT is philosophy that starts with you.  A certified STREETFIT trainer comes to your local park, home,  gym, hotel or office (observing social distancing) and guides you through a full-body workout that is good for all levels and requires no weights or equipment. The convenience of having the workout come to you can’t be beat for busy  professionals. And, having real trainer work with you keeps you motivated. Finally, we think that giving your eyes a break from cellphones and computers while focusing on your body and listening to great music for an hour while you workout is the way to go.



There is also an on-demand personal fitness app in the works, that connects you to STREETFIT Trainer-Led workouts in your area.  



The STREETFIT idea was conceived in 2017 by Lawrence Touitou, a former techie, turned fitness expert, who just wanted to help people Get in Shape, Lose Weight and Look Great”. He took fitness to the client; at their home, office, local park, campus, hotel or fitness room, and at a cost that was below what most personal trainers charge. After a short time, he got so many referrals, that he couldn’t keep up with the demand, so he created STREETFIT.


Lawrence and his team of specialized STREETFIT trainers are hand picked for their care, quality of service and values. We know that it is our responsibility to ensure you enjoy the experience of your workouts and have the best workouts possible.


These are demanding times. Helping you stay physically fit and emotionally stable so you can do your thing is what we’re all about. Our workouts use interval training, stretching and integrate functional fitness – exercises which enhance the quality of your life and that you need to function in every day life, maintaining your balance, poise, grace, coordination, strength and intensity. Our philosophy is, if we can help you stay strong and stable, you can better help others. If you’re interested to learn more, please write us by filling out the “Join Us” page.


Here’s a flyer from those humble beginnings: