How Does Soul Healing Work?

Soul Healing

Soul Healing is a high vibration light emitted to transform the lower vibrations in our bodies.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Your not vibrating right?”

Everything is energy, frequency and vibration. Tesla said it. Einstein said it. Royal Raymond Rife, in the 1930’s, was able to isolate the frequency and vibration of pathogens and induce a frequency and vibration on the body to remove them. I will provide some links here where you can learn more:


Like musical instruments, our bodies are designed to operate optimally a very specific frequency and vibration. Each organ, system, cell and body part has a resonant frequency. In fact, all things do and all of creation vibrates. We are just a small part of the vibrating world around us. Unfortunately, man’s influence on the world today, has brought us in contact with non-natural frequencies and vibrations or pollution that can affect our health, youth, relationships and overall wellness. What ‘Soul Healing’ brought to us by Dr. Sha does, is it showers us with nourishing frequency and vibration to restore our health, vitality and energy to optimum levels. (Like taking a bath in nature.)

It has it’s own wisdom and works where it’s needed and not where it’s not. Unlike other modalities, it can remove deep suffering of the heart and at the soul level. This includes deep feelings of guilt, sadness, grief, mental health issues, ego imbalances, or a constant and persistent state of worry, pain, stress, anxiety, trauma that you or a loved one may be experiencing now. By reconnecting with our innate energies, vibration and soul we .

Your job is just to relax, and receive and enjoy. This is your time to renew and rejuvenate. You will receive a transmission of light and love from the Tao. I also may do a reading and offer you guidance which will put you at ease and help you get through this next stage of your life. This is a benevolent, life-giving field, the Tao Field, that penetrates deeply throughout your entire being and energy field, removing blockages wherever it’s needed, purifying your whole body, addressing the root case, not just the symptoms. I am just the channel for this Tao Field and was given this authority and certified to perform this service through Master Sha and the Tao Academy.

“The guidance was undeniable and unavoidable.”

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My name is Lawrence Touitou. I am grateful to support you on your wellness and soul healing journey.