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Healer Lawrence Touitou

Lawrence Touitou

Certified Healer of Tao Academy

I never thought I would be a healer. I studied engineering in college, love building things with my hands… I spent most of my professional career as an Search Engine Optimization specialist and then I became a personal trainer and a Pilates Instructor. But as I got older, I felt a calling (meaning I was in excruciating pain 😓 ) to pay more attention to my health; I myself suffered from Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, and an unhappy relationship with my wife with a child on the way.

I also had family members with chronic illnesses, like my father who died of cancer when I was just 15 years old. So from a young age, I knew something was awry with the current health care system and I was determined to find an answer. What was the truth? I researched many alternative healing modalities, and tried them out, one after another, making myself the guinea pig, until I found something that worked. I was willing to go through anything and paid for whatever sessions I could afford. My only requirement was that I needed to feel something after just 1 session. (That’s right. That was my litmus test. That was my requirement. I needed to feel a shift after just one session. I didn’t necessarily need to feel better. But I had to feel “something”.)

After being prodded and poked and massaged innumerable times, that search ended in 2009 when a friend connected me to an amazing Doctor, named Dr. Sha (or Master Sha as I and many others affectionately know him as), who is well known for his amazing healing abilities. But at that time, he was not so well known and he started with humble beginnings in China, wondering the same things that most of us wonder; Why do people get ill? Why do some people respond well to treatment while others don’t? What is the root cause for all sickness? Master Sha taught “Soul Healing”.

At that time there was a documentary called, “Soul Masters” with Master Sha, and his teacher “Master Guo” from China. It was beautiful and eye-opening for me. As of 2023, a new documentary was released and you can watch it here:

Meeting Master Sha and getting to know his many teachers and representatives around the world changed my life and I can honestly say, that the years of pain and agony that no one else could figure out, finally ceased. (Moreover, my relationship to illness and disease is no longer one of fear and mystery because I understand it and I can consult with teachers that can give me a soul reading to better understand the cause and what action to take. It’s been life changing. ) Anyway, back to my story; After that, I had to know how soul healing works so I attended classes and workshops, studied and learned for over 10 years, and I am now a Certified Tao (Source) Healer myself. I have seen many miracles; People who had no hope, and lived in pain like I did, completely healed. Or that had life-threatening conditions like my dad did, and were completely healed. Moreover, the healing changes people on a deep level in ways one cannot imagine; more grace. wisdom, peace, rejuvenation, heart opening, better relationships, humility and more. This is a deep healing and cleansing. Not some pill that treats only symptoms. And this process leads people to live a more balanced, heartfelt, purposeful, connected and joyous life.

“Dear Lawrence, Thanks for always being an amazing coach!”

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